Do you want to participate as a student?

Do you sympathize with the people from the South and do you actively want to improve the wellbeing of these people? Does living two months abroad in a developing country together with the local people appeal to you? Do you fancy to successfully complete an unbelievable project in a team full of young and ambitious students?

Edukado is exactly what you are looking for! Organize a construction project from beginning to end and get indulged by the habits and culture of the local people

You might be concerned Edukado is only looking for architects or engineers. That is not the case! To successfully complete a project there is a necessity for a broad range of skills and expertise. Obviously technically schooled students are welcome, but students from fields such as business or law (or any other field) will proof themselves vital members of the team. The only real condition is that you are motivated.

If you are interested to participate, please send us an e-mail:

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