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Edukado – a voluntary organization – supports and guides student teams in accomplishing a solidarity project in the South. During a full year a student team undertakes a construction project, focused on providing education. The team then travels during the summer months to the respective country to execute its project.

On one hand Edukado wants to provide a memorable life experience for both the students and the locals. On the other hand Edukado wants to contribute to a sustainable improvement of the living standards in developing countries. Edukado’s vision is that direct funding isn’t ideal to achieve such goals. A sustainable improvement can only take place when the locals are actively involved, as such collaboration is key throughout our projects.

Edukado is convinced that students feel more involved and recognized if they can manage such projects independently as a team. Hence, Edukado only helps with guidance and administrative tasks and gives the student team the degree of freedom they desire.

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Our team

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The six members of Edukado: Andy, Aushim, Camille, Geert, Peter and Tom introduce themselves and share their expectations.

Andy Keymolen


Aushim Koumar


I finished my PhD in 2016 and co-founded the spin-off Konligo ( Together with Camille I started the first project of Edukado in 2009. This was my first step into the world of development aid and ever since it became my biggest passion. My dissertation paper linked my studies to that passion: I designed a transformable pedestrian bridge for developing countries. After my dissertation paper I decided to pursue an academic career as a PhD student, still with a focus on development aid. In 2013 I joined the board of directors of UCOS (a university council for development aid) and in 2014 I became president of UCOS. Clearly Edukado fits perfectly together with both my professional and private life. I know Edukado has a great team and a bright future ahead!

Camille Claeys


In 2012 I graduated as a law student at the University of Brussels. Born and raised in Brussels I now am a full time researcher at the University of Brussels. I got interested in development aid around my 18th birthday. I started and successfully completed the first Edukado project. I got convinced to invest time and effort to improve the living standards of those who need it most. Having a full time job changed the way I could participate in solidarity projects. Now, I want to motivate students to get involved and to offer them a life changing experience.

Geert Spyckerelle


After completing my Masters in Business Engineering at the University of Leuven, I graduated as a Master of Finance at Hult International Business School in London. In 2013 I started as business analyst in the Oil & Gas industry. But more importantly, I’m also board member of Edukado. My interest in development aid grew during my first Edukado project. A memorable and rewarding experience that I like to share with the current batch of university students. We, as Edukado, hope to offer interesting and challenging projects to students who care for the South.

Peter De Decker


In 2012 I graduated as Master in Business Engineer at the University of Leuven. In between studying and working, I traveled to South East Asia. I lived three months in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. During these months I was a firsthand witness of the needs and wishes of the local people. I am convinced we can reach out and offer them a helping hand. I have known Edukado for a long time and when I was offered a position in the board, I immediately accepted. Edukado’s vision and method of operations are fully aligned with my personal beliefs of development aid. I wish to contribute to a unique experience for all of Edukado’s student teams.

Tom Verstraten


In 2012 I graduated as Civil Engineer and I currently pursue a PhD at the University of Brussels. In 2009 I was one of the first students who got involved with Edukado when it was founded. It turned out to be an interesting and challenging adventure. This experience persuaded me to put my engineering skills at work to contribute to a better world. Organizing these projects is also a way to channel my passion to new students in a society where critical thinking and socially responsible behavior are getting less and less focus.

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